Having strong, memorable imagery is key to building your brand, especially in the creative industry. Approximately 75% of all consumer and retail products introduced to consumers fail each year, according to Harvard Business Review, because they can’t secure a foothold in the competitive marketplace. Consumers have endless product choices available, so you must create something they want and then make your brand memorable.

Try these tips as part of your visual marketing plan and start growing your business quickly.

Identifiable Name or Trademark

Some brands simply imply what their products can do. They state the benefits within their trademark. Strong trade names can enhance the recognition of your brand, build brand loyalty, and help with the introduction and positioning of your product in the marketplace.

Similarly, a trademark is equally important in establishing your brand and making it memorable. Symbols, logos, expressions, or designs that customers can relate to your brand often improve consumer recollection.

Trade names can represent prestige or uniqueness, which can help make your brand unforgettable. For a trading name to work well though, it must be backed with superior customer service and high product quality. 

Your Headshot Should Say Something Important

Your headshot should always convey a key aspect of your brand — an aspect of your personality that makes you stand out from the crowd and the perception you want people to have about you 

The key to a great headshot is to understand what makes you stand out, from your competition and what you have to offer.

Create A Character or Slogan

You can use an animal, spokesperson, or even something completely made-up to represent your brand. The primary purpose of a brand is to communicate with consumers. Your audience must be able to identify your brand with something, eg whenever we hear “anywhere you go” we automatically know its MTN that is the job of a slogan.

Slogans are catchphrases, short memorable statements, or mottos that help make brands recognizable and unforgettable. companies choose to highlight different features and benefits of whatever they sell. Most slogans are short so consumers can remember them, and some companies cite their slogans and jingles. All told, slogans can be used effectively across many types of media.

Establish An Online Presence

The main reason to get your products online is that everyone else does it. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to build awareness by not having a website/social media. Even if you primarily attract customers from your business cards or direct mail pieces, an online website/social media is a great way to build credibility and for consumers to learn more about your company and the products or services you offer.

Keep Your Message Consistent

Depending on the types of products or services you sell, the types of advertising you intend to use for your brand might vary. However, advertising alone does not make a brand memorable. Content does.

Content includes all of the benefits, features, slogans, and messages you can communicate to consumers. But to make your content memorable, it must maintain consistency across your entire advertising mix. This repetitive mixture of words, images, and videos are what build awareness and make your offerings more memorable.

The brand experience you offer to each customer and whatever your brand is known for matters a lot if customers are loyal and engaged with you, they’ll send more business your way. In addition, they’ll also recommend you to others. If they have a bad experience, they’ll tell everyone they know which can have disastrous financial consequences.

Customers are selective when it comes to choosing who they want to do business with. As such, providing a great brand experience is a no brainer.

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