A lot of people are of the mind-set that headshot and passport photograph is the same thing and most likely taken the same way. This trend needs to stop and we need to be enlightened on what the two means and stand for.

A HEADSHOT is a modern portrait in which the focus is on the person, and it can be used for a professional profile, social media profile, promotional images for brands and individuals. It’s more about you telling a story or passing a message.

While a PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH is a picture strictly used for documentation, official processes, and introducing yourself.

Key differences between Headshot and Passport Photograph;

USE: One of the main differences between headshot and passport photographs is what the images are used for. Passport pictures commonly end up in a document and official use like filling a form, visa applications, etc. A headshot is wildly used on all social media platform, company website, about me, magazines, blogs, promotion of brands and individual, etc

FEEL AND MOOD: Passport photographs are usually more straightforward, the reason for that is because you are communicating a message to the observer. A headshot is more of a relaxed and friendly feel to it, you are subject to smile or laugh, the reason for that is because you are communicating a message. Eg could be trustworthiness, friendliness, approachability. In headshot, you can see a wider variety of mood

FOREGROUND AND BACKGROUND: Passport is all about locking the observer’s attention on the subject of your face, because of this the backgrounds are usually neutral and clean for example, white, red, and blue background. A headshot is a diffident ball game both the foreground and background in portraiture allows us to enrich it. In effect, the images are more visual and contribute effortlessly to the story or message.

 We don’t treat our headshot like a roadside photographer or your secondary school passport photograph session with an awful background.

Here are a few things to expect from us:

• Free consultation over the phone or by email where we get to know you, find out what you want, and give you a few tips on how to get ready for your session.
• Another exciting thing is that our sessions are a lot of fun. You are going to feel good and enjoy every bit of the session that I can assure you.
• Your final photographs are going to ooze so much confidence in it.

We are confident that by the end of our session with you, you are going to be looking like your most awesome self with so much confidence, interesting right I know